Using Business Directories for Selecting Services


How do you choose a service when you need one? Do you ask around to see who can make you a recommendation or do you do your research about what companies can offer you? The truth is that it’s important to know all the details before selecting a company, no matter what kind of service you need.

Some people are looking for contractors for making home repairs, while others are looking for the right service providers for their businesses. No matter what you need, there’s an easy solution, as you can search directly online.

Names and Companies

When you start looking online, you can use keywords for finding what want. For example, if you need web design services, this is exactly what you have to use. The same goes for anything else that you’re interested in, as the search will give you plenty of results in your local area.

Now, you will have to open every link and check each website to see if they offer the services that you need or if they have what you want. It can be a long task to verify each site and take the contact number of other interesting details.

Narrowed Research

You have another option online – instead of using keywords for finding several companies, you could use the services that are provided by business directories. Flaptor is an extensive business directory that can offer you all the information that you need on different top companies. All you have to do now is choose the domain that you want – web design, contractors, and photographers, cleaning services and so on. With just a few clicks you will have access to phone numbers, addresses, and websites of plenty of professional companies. Another alternative is bizcontact which focuses on insurance and entertainment.


Using the Hidden Contact Number directory is easy, so you’ll instantly get at least a dozen of businesses that can provide you with what you need. Now that you have access, all you have to do is get their phone numbers and make a list. It’s also a good thing to check their website – it will give you additional info on their offers and the services that they have available.

It’s easier than using the keywords because with Flaptor you have the possibility to see similar companies that can fit your needs. You can do further research on any of them, but the main info is available in the business directory.

Paying Attention

Once you have their phone numbers, you need to start calling them and ask for details. It’s important to pay attention to several things when you make the choice. First of all, make sure they fit your budget. They might have the services that you need, but if the price is too high and you can’t afford it, then it’s all for nothing.

When you call them, ask for a price estimation. This is usually free because they want to attract clients and keep them. Once you have the estimation, you can ask further questions if the details are not clear enough.

You also need to ask them about the contract – if they can’t provide you with a written agreement, you can’t hire them. Any company that respects its clients will make sure that all the details of the agreement are in the contract. It is the only way to prevent any possible disagreements between the customer and the company that offers the services.

Once you receive the draft of the contract, read it carefully. You can use the contact number to ask for additional details in case the clauses are not clear. Of course, you can also make changes to the agreement, but only after you discuss them with the company in question. You need to work on the same deal until everything is convenient for both parties.